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An Unexpected Part IV: Thank You.

I guess a blanket statement that all males are a**holes may have been unwarranted. While they tend to think more with one part of their anatomy than the others, once in a while they’ll surprise you and act like rational and respectful human beings. The majority of my blog tends to reign in on the negative, but I will never be one to ignore when someone deserves credit for their gentleman like actions. Chad* is one of very few boys I had mentioned my blog to, but since we weren’t ever planning on being exclusive I didn’t really see harm in mentioning that I dabble in elaborating on my experience via the blogosphere.

     Today, I received a surprising email from the leading man of “No Strings Attached” Parts I, II, and III  reflecting on our drama. He heartedly apologized for his mixed signals, his overwhelming speed of confrontation, and his Act V. I was taken aback by the powerful simplicity found in two words, “I’m sorry.” There was more in his prose than just those two, but I’ve never had anyone in the history of this blog, or my many misadventures end in an apology from the other party. I was flabbergasted at first, and then a swift smile took over, lifting my cheek bones and diminishing my vision, as my eyes squinted with joy: thank you, Chad, you’re quite alright in my book. Smile

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