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Using Ellipses…Or just don’t

Copied word for word from a message sent to me:

hi…my name is jason…you are really cute…i think we would get along great…im up for getting a drink and playing pool…always fun times!!! im a pro sports camera op. for the sox, cubs, bulls, hawks, and bears…its a great job…

Let’s analyze. Is he not sure if he is saying hi? Is his name really Jason or is there more there that he is leaving off? Is he implying that because I’m really cute we would get along great? Or is he questioning my cute nature and assuming that there might be something off-putting by that?  Is he unclear of whether he actually works for the bears, or are there other teams that he can’t remember? His job couldn’t be that great now could it?

An ellipsis, to the grammatically savvy, or anyone beyond grade 2, is a known punctuation used to indicate omission, and usually used sparingly, or never, as the case may be.


I…no thank you.



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