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My least favorite part of the city is around Division and State St, where all the smaller streets are like a collective arboretum. It’s more affectionately known, by some, as the Viagra Triangle. I do not frequent this area, it scares me to be truthful. All the middle aged men brushing passed you accidentally, and the middle aged women, cougars if you will, dressed too low brow for their age and supposed confidence levels. But when Damon* said I should meet him at Tavern on Rush, State, and Cedar, while reluctant, I was not yet in a position to say, well no, that’s just gross. I walked in to a Restaurant turned desperate housewife bar, looking like a little girl lost in the wonderful world of oz. I ducked into the bathroom, and texted Damon, where are you? At the bar, naturally. I walked into the main room where every girl was like a skyscraper in heels half my height, wearing dresses that wouldn’t fit half my body, but there he was with two friends, one who I also recognized from my coveted days in high school. I realized I had entered that world.

Damon, was among the basketball/hockey crowd. A smart, small, jock like person. We went to junior high as well, but to be completely honest we never had a class together and we never spoke.  This evening was going to be the most extensive amount of time I would ever spend with him. As I walked over, I realized that yes, he is still a short guy, but I’m a short girl so it’s ok, but gosh does this kid have dimples, the sweetest freckles, and the brightest brown eyes that could melt your heart or convince you to do anything.


We only stayed at Tavern for about ten minutes thank goodness, and then given the beautiful (50 degrees in Chicago, in December!!) evening, walked to River North. We went somewhere loud, unpleasant, and again not my scene, but Damon bought me a drink and we found a spot to stand and we chatted, I laughed. A lot! He is smart, and funny! We didn’t talk about high school at all. We talked about Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Back to the Future. We talked about languages, and travel, we talked about moments in time, a little about family, but it was an easy conversation. A fun conversation. After we finished our drinks, we left. As we got outside, he said, “I’m sorry it took me that whole time to figure out that neither one of us wanted to be in there.”

As we walked back to the Triangle where my car was parked, we continued to talk, I continued to laugh, and Damon proved to be probably the most adorable person on the planet. I offered to drive him home as he lived in the same direction I was headed anyway, and as he opened the door to leave, he said I’d like to see you again if that’s ok? And then we kissed. A good kisser at that.

I don’t know much, but I know I had a lovely time, and I know I’m looking forward to hearing from him. So, while he might be vertically challenged, his personality, eyes, and ability to make me laugh far out weigh the fact that we are the same height.

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