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Friends are great, right?

Hello? What? I can’t hear you. One sec… with a wide-eyed smile I walked out the door of Acre in Andersonville. Looking to the left and shifting sights to the right, all I could hear was loud background chatter, Are you still at work? *doodoodoodo* call dropped. Oh. smile disappears. *chiming* New Message. View. I’m at the bar. Smile reappears with an unsure quiver. what?

In a bit of a dazed confusion, I suddenly remembered I wasn’t quite sure what he looked like. Was he there the entire time? Was he sitting next to me while I was discussing the beer list with Dan. I walked back inside, and quickly scanned the room. Backpack, blondish-red hair guy, standing, at the bar, alone. *tap tap*

A ginger guy with a strong build turned around.  With a petite nose, baby blue eyes, and a sly smile that would make you wonder whether he was keeping a secret or planning something mischievous, we hugged as if reuniting after a long heartfelt separation. He had what seemed to be a perfectly symmetrical face; one used for editorials.  I hadn’t seen Chaz since October, when I first met him. This time it was the two of us chatting at the bar. Although, there was no awe inspiring conversation, he made an impression. He showed up. He bought me a drink. He smiled. We laughed. I smiled. A lot. We talked. That night a wave crested and I’m pretty sure it’s going to crash soon. But for now, we’re friends. Who doesn’t need more friends.

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