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I actually like him…weird.

It is far too easy to find faults in people. It is even easier to make those faults the reason for exclusion. Between the bloody nose, his more or less monotone voice when he talks about work and “intelligent” things, and the strange noises his body was making after we had Mediterranean food last night, it is shocking that I still want to see him. Either I’m getting more mature and I’m realizing the importance of so much more in a person than the way they speak (unlikely) or he possesses so many more attributes that strike my fancy.

I like the way he kisses my forehead when I get flustered and look at my hands. I like the way he curls my hair behind my ear when it falls in front of my face. I like the way he opens all doors with a quick step. I like how he doesn’t flinch when the bill comes. I like how he plans everything. I like the way he finds my rants interesting. I like the way he adds to conversation. I like that he emails me more than he texts. I like the way he smells. I like the way he holds my hand whenever he has the chance. I like the way he looks at me right before he kisses me.

I think I actually like him…weird.

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