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Top reason not to give your number to a stranger…

…they always come back.

Over a year ago, on labor day, my dearest college friend/roommate had a beautiful wedding ceremony in Wisconsin. On my long drive home, I got stuck in labor day weekend traffic back into the city. It was bumper to bumper for a good hour, so naturally the car full of guys next to me struck up a conversation. We exchanged numbers, in traffic. That was September 2011.

Today, November 11, 2012

Unrecognized 630 number: [my real name]? right.

Me: yes…who’s this?

Unrecognized 630 number: This is weird but I met you a long time ago on the highway. I found your number and I thought to myself how cute u were. And I never really got to go out with you.

That ISweird. no thanks.


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