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6/13/12: I heard this during a Bing commercial. You have to give it to those music people for commercials they tend to gather some great tunes. So, I present in its entirety, its beauty and endearing quality: The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey”

4/2/12: Young 21 year old English singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. With an honest, sweet, and delicate voice, a heart-wrenching tale, and a complimentary video, this song is a great one. Ed Sheeran is going to be released in the states soon, so keep an eye out for him.

3/21/12: I saw a commercial and this was the background music. Great find!

3/20/12: Just a great song to groove too! Hope all my Chicago readers are enjoying this uncommonly warm March weather!

3/10/2012: Leah Druzinsky is a Chicago native with a sultry and emotive jazz voice. Her lyrics are heartfelt, and you can see it in her expression during her live performances. Her voice is simply incredible. Rock it out girl!

2/21/2012: I haven’t posted on the page in eons, but I thought I should probably pick up with my sharing musical magic. For the last few months I have had a back and forth e-mail exchange with my buddy J, SF inhabitant and hip-hop enthusiast. He is awesome in many ways, and my one real connection to sharing and enjoying the musical realm. Recently he has been busy, and fallen off the face of our normal Tune Tuesday rendezvous so, I decided I will continue Tune Tuesdays on my blog. I don’t know how many of you watch NBC’s The Voice, but in headlines today I read about Mathai. An adorable 18 year old gorgeous girl with unique vocal pipes that send my ear drums into a kind of ecstasy. Check her out:

A History of Rap:

Look at that Hipster

If you liked my metaphor, in my post, about floating on…Modest Mouse can always help! . The cure to any gloomy day, guaranteed.

Doomtree: “The Wren”
Some of the best hip-hop

Three Days Grace “World So Cold”
It’s a cathartic song, let it all out, and feel better in it’s release.

Fefe Dobson “Stuttering” It’s just kind of catchy…

I’ve recently made a new friend with killer hip hop intel. He has been sending me tons of new artists and songs. Here’s a video of a new up and coming rapper in our very own CHICAGO–F. Stokes “Jeremiah”

Driving home from work tonight, I heard this song by Mumford and Sons called, “Little Lion Man”: It totally made my night better, it’s a little country, a little soulful, and with a brilliant Irish accent, makes this my pick of the week. Enjoy!

Cage the Elephant, “There Ain’t no Rest for the Wicked”

Sometimes you feel like you keep getting pulled back. Back in time, back into people’s lives, back into moments you thought you escaped. Sara Bareilles with her sensual and passionate intonation reincarnates so many of these moments into a sweet melody that helps us all move on and let go. Sara Bareilles, “Gravity” Sara Bareilles, “Gravity”

Some songs come on the radio and they just make you smile. Kid Rock has never been a favorite of mine, but when this song comes on, a haze of nostalgia takes over and a smile always creeps up to be cheekbones, and I’m singing along because, “it was 1989 in Northern Michigan!” Enjoy Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” and drift back to your perfect moment in time.

The Black Keys are a blues/rock duo of excellent from Akron, Ohio of all places! Their music speaks the truth and to anyone who has ever lived a day in their lives. Their most recent music video blow out “Tighten Up” is not only clever, but damn cute. Give it a listen and try not to smile, I dare you.

Cinematography. A year of my heart belongs to the west coast, I miss the beauties and hidden gems that are San Francisco. Check it out.

An American Indie Rock group, I “stumbled upon” Cold War Kids. They have a soulful meaning with a country twang twist, they are soothing and lovely with every hard hit note. “Royal Blue”

Sometimes I’m blown away by the amount of young talent out there. It reminds me that the world is saturated and everyday is just one more day meant for discovery. A friend introduced me to my new musical love. Sam Tsui, a Chinese-American singer. He’s only 21 and still an undergraduate, at Yale University of all places, studying classical Greek of all things, but his vocal ability and range with blow you away.

And, when Sam is accompanied by a very talented Christina Grimmie, pure magic is the result. Enjoy, and pass it along!

I’m sure most of you have heard the other, infinitely better, not related although phonetically similar Perry. By which I mean Christina Perri. Her song Jar of Hearts is haunting and unbelievable, streamed with unbelievable emotion, and a voice that makes you want to learn to sing just to attempt what she can do naturally. The reason for the shout out is because I recently saw her video and it made me love her song infinitely more, especially the ending, but as a whole quality dancing, and emotion full just like the lyrics. LOVE IT!

Musical splendor, blissful rhythm, endless tingles, James Blake is the next big thing in my books.


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