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Really?! fool me twice…

After the out-of-the-blue text on Thursday, I responded that Saturday would be cool, but then Saturday evening happened, and he made me feel like an idiot all over again.

Saturday, 9:30pm D: Hey sorry, I got home from work and fell asleep, just woke up, I don’t think I’m in any position to see anyone right now.

Me: O ok, you sure?

D: Yeah, the partner took us out last night, and today has been brutal. I’m really sorry.

Me: Alright. I was surprised to hear from you altogether, hope you’re doing well. Take it easy.

He says he’s ‘really sorry,’ what I don’t understand is why he would contact me at all, just to cancel. I understand that shit happens, I really do, but if you gave me the blow-off months ago, why dig into a past that was buried and passed over. I don’t think I deserve that.

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