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The pact of upfront truth.

My cousin’s boyfriend set me up on a blind-date with his friend…rather, my cousin’s boyfriend, gave his friend my number and we set up the date ourselves, but I think that’s as blind a date as ever. Between online dating and meeting people in bars, I was meeting someone I had never spoken to and only seeing one small, probably photoshoped, photo on my cousin boyfriend’s phone. The date was nothing special to say the least. To add a little more color, we met Friday night, in River East, at Fox and Obel. He was probably about 5’ 7-ish maybe 8”, dark hair, glasses, about 30, with a fairly apparent receding hairline, and a night-shift ER Doctor at Northwestern. It wasn’t a waste of my time, because I like meeting new people and having thoughtful conversations, but it was far from (a grand-canyon crater distance, just to give you a visual) unicorns, wizards and magic. He walked me to my car, we hugged, he made some crack about how I was probably “excited to get away from him” which solidified my opinion that this was not the guy for me.

The next morning:

A: Hey, I had a really nice time yesterday. Let’s do it again Wednesday. Are you going to be in the city then, or in the suburbs?

Me: It was  nice talking to you, really, but I don’t really think we should formally go out again. Take care.

*and because that’s not really a good enough answer…*

A: That’s unfortunate but thanks for being upfront. I respect that. If there was something I said or did that made you uncomfortable, sorry about that. But just out curiosity, was it anything in particular you didn’t like? Just curious.

Me: Um, no, it just seems like you’re much more settled; I don’t think we have much in common.

A: Ok, thanks. and I appreciate the honesty.

I think more people should be upfront.

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