Love Labor's Lost

volumes of mis-adventures


on October 24, 2013

We loom in a world of strangers, passing shadows, inconspicuously observing everyone and everything without a sound, a voice, or a light. The darkness illuminates more than any bright shining candle ever could, because in the darkness, we are lost and at once, we are found. In the darkness, we can’t see discrepancies. We are blind to the differences which separate our souls from living openly with the individuals among us. In the darkness, we use our senses, apart from sight, to understand, to taste, touch, feel, and hear the realities which surround us. In the darkness, shadows come to life, and seeing takes on new meaning. In the darkness, the world, a colorful rainbow of differences, hurt, and heartache, of anger, terror, and tragedy, of happiness, joy, and health becomes one moment in which we breathe. In. Out.  In the darkness, a shadow could be a stranger, could become a friend, and will fade away as the sun rises again.


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