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Bat 17, the ol’ ball game

on December 14, 2012

Ben and I re-met at my sister-in-law’s brother’s wedding. As things seem to be trending lately, I actually went to high school with Ben and he was also my besties’ date to prom. Ben was always a goofy kid, to be certain, he still is a goofy kid. ‘Kid’ being the operative word. Although it’s been 7 years since high school, not much has changed.

We met at Bat 17 in Evanston, a cool deli bar. Although I only ordered a drink, I’m pretty sure I would like to go back and get one of their delectable deli sandwiches which looked a few stories taller than my mouth would ever allow, but delicious nevertheless. Besides the food that looked mouth watering at the table nearby, and the swarm of college student celebrating the end of the quarter, Ben and I sat in the corner by the window and chatted for about 2 hours. I didn’t mean for the evening to last that long, but when he ordered a second beer without asking if that would be ok, I was kind of stuck until he finished it. Alright, so stuck might be strong, I did enjoy the chat, but at this point I don’t even know what I’m waiting to feel. Ben seems fun, not nearly motivated or driven enough for me, but a fun guy to hang out with at some point.

That being said, when he blindsided me before I got into my car with, would you want to grab dinner sometime? My response was, “um, yea we could do that…eat, we can grab dinner.” I guess I’ll put off telling him the blunt truth until then.

Date #2 tonight: another high school reunion



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