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I’m a teenage movie in my twenties.

on November 4, 2012

Don’t lie to yourself. After the all too surreal blow-out of a conflict, and the make-up, the kiss, the fade to black, and rolling credits: you swoon a bit, and then, if you’re me, you say, audibly, “that shit don’t happen.”

Well, folks, I’m not so sure that my cynicism can continue with the fervor that it has over the course of my life. If you would have asked me in high school if I could see myself holding hands, walking down the street in downtown suburbia, with a guy I sort of knew in passing. Then stop in front a sign that was exclaiming “Shop Highland Park,” and make-out for a good 20 minutes or so in the middle of the night, I would have scoffed, nay, laughed like a hyena coaxed with nitrous oxide.

After a friend of mine, D, jovially texted me that she was at an engagement party nearby for her friend, and I should come around 10:30 when the place opened back up to the public, I was happy to have something to do on a Saturday night. When she asked me who the guy was that I went on a date with a couple days earlier, I knew the engagement party she was talking about was the same one Jo* told me about. When I arrived, I was greeted by five other people that I know from high school and the Jewish circle of people. Our tribe isn’t that big.

While I was there to see my friend D, I was more than excited to have a surprise visit with Jo, but then S, and H and a slew of other girls that had no idea what I was doing there, were happy to see me. Not to worry, the night was young, and Jo refused a ride to stick around. Once D and her fiancé parted, and the restaurant was left empty, Jo smoothly said, want to go for a walk? yes.

We meandered around a deserted downtown area, commenting on all that had changed since high school, the irony of the conversation was not lost on me.

M: What’s with this sign? “Movies Highland Park” There’s no punctuation at all…

J: They aren’t really giving much away with that one, but there is a big, out of focus, popcorn bucket so, you know you’ll be eating that for sure.

[we kept walking]

M: Ha, this one’s way better. “Shop Highland Park” they…kiss

I guess I was talking a lot.

Swoon. Smitten. Smiling.

Happy Sunday!


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