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Meeting New People (and promoting their music career)

on June 13, 2012

I recently got a job working for Clif Bar. I’m loving this new outdoor, interactive,  high energy gig. I’m meeting tons of people, mostly strangers, on the street who are active, love adventure, and lead healthy life styles inside and out. I’ll be working events throughout the summer promoting Clif Bar products and handing out samples.

Today I had the opportunity to work in association with ATA (Active Transportation Alliance) supporting bike to work week. We stood out on the corner of Clark, Wells, and Lincoln Ave. across the street from the Green City Market, passing out samples, and meeting tons of people who commute to work every morning on their bikes. I met some super cool people, who shared some great stories, and best of all, I am inspired to ride my bike as much as I can, and ditch my car a little more often.

Among the many strangers I met, I had the priveledge to work with a fabulous Clif Crew, Jake (a cute, and savvy, Des Moines native) and Mark (an upbeat, well traveled, biking enthusiast) who I met last weekend when I worked Ragnar Relay, and new comer (in so many ways) Paul. Paul is a tall sexy, olive-skin toned, guitarist from the Dominican Republic. With teal-green eyes, deeper than any body of water I can imagine, he recently relocated to Chicago with his politically charged hardcore rock band: La Armada. Paul was awesome to talk to, telling interesting tales from his experience touring across this country and others. He’s playing at Reggie’s, later this summer (August 11th), and if you’re around and into their sound you should check them out. His love of music, life, and out-going personality was a pleasure to encounter and work with. Hopefully I’ll run into the man again soon.

So, Happy Bike to Work Week. Get outside, enjoy the beautiful summer weather, be healthy, happy, and positive! Much love Smile


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