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If he’s just not that into you, it just doesn’t have to be that bad

on April 22, 2012

New rule of thumb: be straight forward, direct, and forget “the game.” The good ones will be honest, the bad ones will be silent.

Me: Hey [Cute Boy’s real name], hope you had an awesome graduation weekend. I had a nice time with you last week, I think you’re a cool guy, and I would like to see you again. If you’re not interested, I totally understand, just needed to ask either way.

CB: Thank you, yeah it was a good time hanging out. Honestly, with graduation, everything changing, and figuring out my future I am not sure what I am looking for right now, but we can hang out and talk.

Less hurtful than an “I don’t like your face,” but honest enough that I understand “I don’t want to see you naked.”

He’s trying to be a good one, and although the fiendish “he’s just not that into you” strikes again, I’m just fine.


Don’t ever be THAT girl.


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