Love Labor's Lost

volumes of mis-adventures

The dilemma of asking someone out.

on April 16, 2012

You meet a cute boy. You exchange numbers. He never utilizes your number. A month transpires. Fraternizing with other people occurs. Aforementioned cute boy remains on your mind, and in your SIM card memory. Finally, one bright Friday morning, you text boy. Boy texts back. Unencumbered banter ensues.  Later, inebriated, yet endearing, texts are sent from boy to you. Next day, small chit chat commences. A week passes. You decide you want to actually see boy. You ask boy out for a drink in celebration of his impending graduation from med. school. Boy responds, eventually, with what seems like (you can’t tell as it is via text) an enthusiastic yes, and continues with it’s getting late, “let’s discuss more tomorrow.” It’s tomorrow. Do you text him? Or await his text? Did he just blow you off, oh so very, subtly? I hate taking initiative.




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