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The Loud Whisper

on February 4, 2012

I finally managed to get together with my newly engaged friends Morgan and Elliot.* The original plan was to order-in, have a couple beers, catch-up, maybe watch a movie—a relatively calm evening. When I texted Morgan earlier in the day, as my cellphone battery flashed its urgency to be charged, or suffer a fatal shutdown (phones are so dramatic), she let me know that Greg*, their roommate (also a friend of mine), had a childhood friend in town visiting, so we were probably going to go out. Regardless, I should plan on coming over to their lovely apartment in Wicker Park.  My phone promptly died.

I arrived at their apartment just around 7pm. I was offered a beer, took a glance at Morgan’s elegant engagement ring, and we all settled into a comfortable conversation filled with witty banter, awful jokes, and an ongoing discussion of where we were going to go eat dinner. The topic seemed to surface and drown in the same moment, never being resolved.

While there was never a direct introduction, at some point I met Richard*. Richard is originally from North Dakota, same as Greg, currently working in Kansas and happily visiting his buddy just for the weekend. You could tell Greg and Richard used to be the kind of boys who were inseparable in childhood: playing cops and robbers, running around with secret codes and signs, always having each other’s backs. A-dorable. Nearly 6′ 0" (he made a point of mentioning the sixteenth of an inch he was missing), brown hair, brown eyes, and a lanky frame, much like a high school swimmer. He was intelligent, savvy, charming, and engaged.

For dinner and drinks we finally settled on walking down the street to The Pint. Then we changed venues for some Shuffleboard (it’s not what you’re thinking) at Nick’s. Somewhere between Nick’s and the next bar (I’m not sure exactly which bar that was) Elliot and Morgan left. Leaving Nick’s, Greg, Richard, and I were more than a little inebriated, a lot more friendly, and frankly, all laughs and smiles. Finally, after the boys drank one more dark beer, and I quenched my thirst with three cups of water, Greg took us to an AMAZING hole in the wall eatery. Best. Drunk Food. Ever. Skewerz. If you are in, or around, Wicker Park, try it! You will not be disappointed.

Throughout the evening I was not remiss in noticing Richard’s subtle flirtations, but when alcohol is involved these things are bound to happen, and knowing he was engaged I did not take any of it seriously.  "You’re just too cute." "How adorable is this girl?" "You’re amazing." This kid was doing wonders for my self-esteem, but given his engaged status, I started to become acutely aware of his vexatious remarks. While sitting at Skewerz, devouring food, Richard turned to Greg and in a loud whisper (2ft. of space does not actually mute my hearing capabilities, contrary to popular belief) resounded:

R: Greg, I have a problem.
G: What’s that?
R: See that girl over there? (nudging his head towards me)
G: yea…
R: I have a crush on her. I can’t have a crush on her, I’m engaged. But she’s so freaking adorable. How did she get to be that cute? I love my fiancé. I don’t want to do anything stupid, but she’s so God damn cute.

Greg looked at me and smiled. I promptly gave all my attention to my bowl of tofu fried rice. Awkward, yet so delicious.

*names have been changed.


2 responses to “The Loud Whisper

  1. singleandspunky says:

    UGH! WHAT is with guys with girlfriends/wives/fiancee’s who always seem to like someone else? Does this irritate you? Man it seems like it’s been happening to me a lot. :S.

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