Love Labor's Lost

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Sorry, this has nothing to do with boys. OR dating.

on November 2, 2011

What do you do when a friend of yours needs help and you can’t sacrifice any more of your time being the friend they need? When are you allowed to be selfish with your time?

It seems our platonic friendships sometimes take more effort than any of our other ones. It is so easy to get wrapped up in your every day life, activities, goals, events, personal ailments, and problems. What about your friends, when do they fit in? And the ones that need you most; the friends that you seem to help every time you lend a patient ear, a few hours, turn into draining worrisome torrents of depressing soliloquy; I start drifting away knowing what’s about to be said.

I think, if I’m not mistaken, most can say they have a friend in their lives that we feel compelled to help. The one that we have such sympathy for, the one that we have known for so many years it seems like your shackled to them through loyalty; even worse, knowing that if you don’t listen to them, who will? I can’t bare to see my friend hurt, depressed, inflicting pain on themself, but I also can’t be caught in the cycle, because not only does it distract me from my own goals, and necessary accomplishments, it puts me in a googeling trance of treatments, and ways to communicate effectively, and learning tools to be a better person for them to rely on. When did my friendship transform into a one way street?

Compassion is slowly turning to frustration, and I think frustration may lead to resentment. How do I get my friendship back, before the ship has sailed so far I end up jumping off to swim back to shore.


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