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One boy, two boy, douche boy, good boy

on October 24, 2011

4 boys;  3 different encounters; 2 different nights; 1 blog entry to help me sort through it.

These stories (4) are all true, the names have, as always, been changed, the conclusions are still debatable and up for interpretation.

#1: I’ve been seeing someone the last few weeks. Seeing is not to be confused with dating, because in actuality no dating has been done. Literally, we see each other. That is all. HaKim very conveniently lives in Evanston, near campus. Both Tuesdays and Thursdays I have about an hour before I have to make my way from campus to work, so Hakim and I have been meeting up and walking around the beach. Talking, laughing, giving each other a hard time, and getting to know each other. It may be my favorite part of being single all together. Being able to meet someone new and find out what makes them tick, their interests and hobbies. Hakim and I could not be more different, he’s steak and potatoes and I’m…well, not, but there is something there. An ease to his personality. I sometimes find it hard to spend a lot of time with people I’ve only recently met, because I’m not the best at small talk, and usually I just don’t care, because there are other things I can and probably should be doing. Hakim made all that fade away; he made wasting time in conversation enjoyable, and his company, something to look forward to. He’s sweet, he’s a douchebag, and he’s flakey; all simultaneously. He has flaked like the whitest of snow on 3 occasions to date. And I’m starting to question whether the positives outweigh the negatives. We finally kissed last weekend, and now I haven’t seen him since. We’ve spoken on the phone, but he flaked on me again this weekend, so maybe it’s about time I flick him off my shoulder, before all the flakes start looking like dandruff.

#2: Friday night my old time pal and family friend was in town from California to see his sister. He invited me to join them for a high school performance at New Trier. While the show was unimpressive, the band was quite amazing, and made the evening enjoyable. Elusha showed me around his old stomping ground, going through his daily high school life and strolling down nostalgia lane. After the show we took his darling sister (who I consider my honorary sis as well) to ice cream at Homer’s. Catching up with my favorite siblings, I thought the night was going to end fairly prematurely, when after a turn of events we went to Elusha’s friends house in Wilmette. There I was introduced to a person who I thought was Nate, low and behold I found out later his name was Chaz.  While standing on the porch we were all just chatting, and as usual I didn’t think much of the interaction. I did notice that Chaz was a ginger kid, red hair all around, a beard and light eyebrows you could barely see, and green eyes as vibrant as a canopy of tree tops. Chaz seemed cool, or at least he laughed at my sarcastic mannerism and cynical commentary. I really didn’t think much else. Honestly. Saturday night I got a text from Elusha: “I want to play matchmaker.” Calling Elusha in response, I found that Chaz had asked about me. A smile overcame my face; who doesn’t like being asked about? Chaz texted me on Sunday. Chaz has a girlfriend (points for being up front). Chaz wants to be friends because he thinks I’m “crazy cool.” I don’t know how to proceed. His girlfriend is an amazing singer (I did some stalkage).

#3: Saturday night, I was double booked. A house party in the city in the earlier hours of the evening and a bro party  in Arlington Heights in the wee hours of the night. I was determined to attend both. Party one, was in Edgebrook at a college friend and sorority sister’s new house she is cohabitating with her boyfriend. There I met her old high school friend Mark. After a short game of Jewish geography, I found out that the hosts of my second party of the evening were best high school buds with Mark. Mark seemed nice. With a winter hat atop a baseball rimmed cap his features were soft and his smile was energetic. He seemed worth getting to know, but he lives in Minneapolis, MN, so I left that party without too much thought, other than, asking my friend Deena, my date for the evening, “Mark was cute, right?” Yes, yes, he was. Mark friended me Sunday evening when he arrived back in Minnesota. Among other things, he frankly stated, I was sweet and fun to hang out with on Saturday night, he couldn’t take his eyes off my smile (hmmm, he was staring at my mouth the whole time?) and next time he was in town he wanted to take me out if I was unattached and available. Until then, he wants us to get to know each other better. Not a bad proposal, might as well give it a shot, what do I have to lose? Nothing.

#4: The second party of the night was one that Hakim was supposed to accompany me to, as a date of sorts, but he flaked, and that sucks for him. The party in Arlington Heights was hosted by some college friends of mine at their new (they’ve lived there for 6months) apartment that I had yet to visit.  As per usual, lots of people were there, lots of beers, too much hard alcohol, and a whole lot of laughs were to be had. After a few hours of catching up with various people I hadn’t seen in months, I met Arthur. He’s Russian. He’s Jewish. He was in the same class as my older brother at Niles North. He’s a personal trainer. I wasn’t super impressed, especially when he quite legitimately (not joking at all) refused to give me his last name because in his words, “You never know about people.” He left, only to come back to say, “Arber, here’s my card, for my last name and other purposes.” I awoke on Sunday morning with a “poke” from him on facebook and a friend request. I guess I impressed him.

Sunday night, Chaz, Arthur, Mark, and Hakim were all in conversation with me at one time on different avenues of texting and instant messaging. I love technology. Life just got interestingly complicated and needless to say, my focus has been a bit scattered today.

I have 3 new numbers, 3 new friends, on facebook of course, and too many headaches. I’m pretty sure Hakim is out, but of the three I just met, Chaz is my favorite…he’s taken so, what’s a girl to do? Obviously, hope his rocky status turns into an all up feud of breaking proportions. Until then, I’m reading “Being Dead” by Jim Crace. Happy Monday Y’all!


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