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Male-female friendships–Are they always romances in disguise?

on October 22, 2010

This is just for all of you to ponder in the mean time, while I’m coming up with my own thoughts. There has to be some oxymoronic complexity to the concept of: instead of cutting off relations all together: let’s be “just” friends.


One response to “Male-female friendships–Are they always romances in disguise?

  1. I’m still waiting on the entry on this!! I know how that line between friendship and romance can be tricky… I mean, most of the time it’ll be really clear where you lie, but when you’re in that gray area – either because you’re trying to move from a relationship into the “friend zone” or because you start to have sexual tension with someone you thought was a friend – you start to run the risk of really hurting each other. Still, I think that the issue in these kinds of situations comes from one or both people not being honest with themselves and with the other person about what you want from each other. If both people honestly want to be friends and they can trust each other to keep being honest about their relationship, I think it’s totally possible. Whether or not that level of honesty and trust is realistic is another matter…

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